Reclaimed canvases: abstract acrylic

September of 2018 was a time I spent mostly at VISINK, developing a very particular style of acrylic painting. Quite a bit on reclaimed canvases, my abstractions were based a fair bit on abstracting the normal things around me

The underside of bridges, folders lying on desks, boxes stacked on one another. The concepts took a while to form, being limited in the resources I could use. Experimenting with acrylics versus inks, and attempting to generate straight lines without the use of masking or heavy ruler use, I ended up with a distinct style that I have further developed into zine, comic, and oil painting formats.

Some of my original concepts for these works were simple inked patterning and images on abandoned paintings. Often left in the art space half completed, these surfaces screamed for more. Not trying to obscure the original ideas, my inking in brush builds on concepts that I may never know the true intention of.


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