Zine Vending Machine

Sitting at Southside with a fresh coat of paint, this vending machine is the work of quick thinking and community coming together to allow some great projects to take place.

I bought this machine from the back room of Crowbar in the valley, thanks to a very helpful Megan, and my partner, who was willing to drag this monster to VISINK. Though the lock was broken, all the mechanisms worked well, and it just required a fine tune.

Pretty sure from its history, it was previously used as a zine machine, but I’m not 100% sure (if you know, let me know!)

A trip to Bunnings later for some parts and paint solved most of these issues, and I painted some stripes and words on the front and side. Having never really done any type of sign writing before, I feel like it had a fair outcome. Although I learned some hard lessons about masking tape.


Thanks to John and Patience at Southside Tea Room for hosting this bad boy. Having developed their space into a bar/arcade allowed space for it to sit and give many happy go lucky patrons zine goodness. It regularly sells out zine stock, and contains my personal zines, and in the future, those from local and international creators.

If you want to submit one of your zines for the vending machine, fill out the form below! I am only taking a few small A7 or A6 zines now, but keep an eye out in the future for more options. One zine per creator per round (until they sell out!).

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